Writing & Reading: My Favorite Summer Activities

Three months of freedom from no-life professors, hardcore studying, and annoying roommates. How will I take advantage of this awesome gift from heaven? I think I will write and read. I found my passion of creative writing when I read a novel called House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. I was so intrigued by the story that I envisioned myself writing stories as such. When I entered college I knew that I wanted to be an English: Writing major. Therefore, writing during the summer will not only fulfill my hobby but I’m also perfecting my craft for those tedious English papers coming in the Fall semester.

Reading is another great hobby of mine, and it basically goes hand in hand with writing. Every writer must read novels and writing tips to perfect their craft. I read for fun, and I read to learn but unless it’s a school textbook, I’m usually having so much fun reading that I don’t feel the studying that I’m doing as well. I don’t have a favorite genre to read, but the first aisle I look at in the book stores is the science fiction. But, I don’t always leave with a science fiction novel. I check out all the aisles and check out whatever book looks interesting. I have many genres of novels in my bookshelf and not enough months in the summer to read them all.

Because I’m a college student who has only time to work during the summer and because of the current economy being selfish with jobs, I’m lucky that my hobbies don’t cost a fortune. My mom bought me a MacBook for Christmas, and it has been the best writing tool I’ve ever used. My dad has an Acer, my mom has a Dell, and my sister has an Hp computer; I’ve tested them all and the MacBook has the most comfortable keyboard to type. Acer has the worst. With technology rising every minute and e-books becoming more popular than Justin Bieber’s haircut, books are becoming fairly cost efficient. Albeit, I don’t own an e-reader because I still love the feeling of a hardcover book. And because I have a free membership to Borders bookstore, they constantly send me coupons of 33% to 50% off one item. So I’m able to buy all my books at a discount price, and ordering online is cheaper too and if I spend more than $25.00 I get free shipping.

Therefore, I have all the free time I need because I can’t find a job, I have more than enough books to read over the summer, and I have the best computer to write on, I will have a blast with my hobbies this summer :).