Fun Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home mom can sometimes be monotonous. If you want to have some time to yourself or just get out of a rut you are in, take up a hobby. Having a hobby can better yourself and in return make you a better mom and wife. Some of the hobbies below can even make you some money. If you do not find something that interest you on this list, then go to your local craft store and browse the aisles and see that peaks your interest. You can also go to the library and browse through hobby books there. Here are some ideas for hobbies.
Scrapbook. We all know that we have tons of pictures of your kids that are just sitting around. Make a scrapbook for your family, so that you can have an organized place that has all of your families treasured memories in it.

Sell On EBay. Everyone has some kind of “junk” in their house that they do not need or have not used in the past three years. Sell it on EBay. EBay is a pretty friendly site and even if you just sell a couple of things laying around the house, you can make a couple of dollars to have to spend on yourself. You may even become addicted and want to pursue this as a business.

Read. Read whatever interests you. A lot of stay at home moms don’t think they have time to read, but you can make time. Make time for yourself. Have your kids read a book at the same time you are reading. If you are not into reading books, then pick up a couple magazines that interest you. The library is a wonderful place to find just about anything that you have an interest in.

Workout. What better way to spend your free time, then to make your body look better. Many women find that they don’t have the same body as they did before they had children. Working out can not only make you get healthier but it will also boost your self-esteem and your attitude in a whole.

Cook and bake. If you always have wanted to learn to make a certain dish or just be able to cook, then go for it. Buy a couple instruction books, look online for cooking tips and watch the television channel Food Network. You can pick up quite a few skills from those sources. You don’t mind spending some money, take some lessons at your local technical college or sometimes your city recreation department offers some cooking lessons. Learning to cook and bake will also save you some money, as it is much cheaper to make meals at home than to eat out.

Write. If you like to write, buy a journal or make a blog. Depending on what you want to write and if you want to make it public, then decide which is best for you. Writing can relieve stress in your life and give you a creative outlet.

Plant a garden. If you like the outdoors and getting dirty, plant a garden. Plant some flowers in your yard or make a vegetable garden in the warmer months. In winter time, you can have a small herb garden in your house. This also will save you money, seeds are not very expensive and you can save money by using fresh herbs and vegetables instead of buying them at the store.

Make jewelry. Visit your local craft store and you can find a huge array of materials to make jewelry with. You can make jewelry for yourself, for your friends and families and even to sell at local craft fairs.

Learn to sew, quilt or cross-stitch. Learning one of these gives you an endless possibility of what you can make. Make a baby quilt for your child. Sew a dress for your daughter or cross-stitch a monogram on your towels. Again, if you get really good at this, you may even be able to sell some of your work for a profit.